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November 30, 2023

Game-Changer Alert: ZyberVR Quest 2 Sticks Revolutionizing VR Play

Posted on November 30, 2023 10 minutes 1971 words
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In the ever-evolving world of virtual reality (VR), staying ahead of the curve is crucial for an immersive experience. That’s where ZyberVR comes in, a company dedicated to elevating your VR sessions. They specialize in crafting premium VR accessories tailored for popular headsets like Quest 2, Quest 3, Quest Pro, Pico 4, and PSVR2. Their range includes everything from head straps, battery pack and charging docks to controller extensions and VR prescription lenses, ensuring a comprehensive VR experience.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at one of their innovative offerings – the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks. Priced at $34,99 USD, these sticks promise to enrich your VR adventures in ways you’ve never imagined. Let’s dive into what makes these 3-in-1 sticks a must-have for any VR enthusiast.

Product Description and Features

The ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks are not just an accessory; they’re a transformative addition to your VR kit. Let’s explore the features that set them apart:

  1. Versatile Three Modes: These sticks are designed to adapt to your gaming needs. Whether you’re swinging a saber in Beat Saber, teeing off in a golf simulator, or paddling through virtual waters, these sticks have a mode for every scenario. The three distinct modes - Sticks/Sabers, Golf Club, and Paddle - ensure that your VR experience is always fresh and engaging.

  2. Innovative Quick-Release Clip: Convenience is key in VR, and the unique quick-release clip on these sticks exemplifies this. The clip is stable, user-friendly, and allows for rapid attachment or detachment. This feature is particularly handy when you’re switching between different games and need to change modes quickly.

  3. Comfortable and Safe: The thick sponge hand cover provides a soft, comfortable grip, crucial for those extended VR sessions. It also effectively reduces vibration, making your experience more enjoyable. Additionally, it absorbs sweat and prevents slipping, which is a boon during intense gameplay.

  4. Ultra-Lightweight and Durable: Crafted from anti-flame ABS material, these sticks are both lightweight and sturdy. The use of ABS ensures durability, meaning your investment will last through countless gaming sessions.

  5. Enhanced Safety Features: Safety in VR is paramount. The ZyberVR sticks come with adjustable anti-slip hand straps and controller halo protectors, giving you peace of mind as you dive into your virtual worlds. These features significantly reduce the risk of accidental drops or slips, letting you focus solely on your game.

  6. Game-Specific Modes: Whether you’re playing fast-paced rhythm games, immersive golf simulators, or intense combat experiences, there’s a mode for you. The Dual Handle, Golf Handle, and Long Handle modes cater to a wide array of games, enhancing your gameplay in each.

  7. Easy Installation: The package includes everything you need for a hassle-free setup. The upgraded quick-lock buckle design is intuitive, ensuring that your sticks are securely attached to your controllers in no time.

In summary, the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks are a testament to innovation in VR accessories. They combine functionality, safety, and ease of use in a sleek package, promising to elevate your VR experience significantly.

Personal Experience and Testing

My journey with the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks has been nothing short of exhilarating. From the moment I unboxed these versatile accessories, I was impressed by their quality, sleek design, and the simplicity of assembly. The quick-lock buckle design made it easy to attach and detach the sticks from the Quest 2 controllers, allowing me to jump into different gaming modes effortlessly.

First Impressions: The sticks felt robust yet lightweight in hand, a perfect balance for prolonged gaming sessions. The anti-flame ABS material exuded a sense of durability, while the thick sponge hand covers provided a comfortable and secure grip.

Detailed Review

ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks Dual Handle Mode
ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks Golf Handle Mode
ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks Long Handle Mode

Through these tests, the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks proved to be a game-changer, enhancing each gaming experience uniquely and effectively. The blend of ergonomic design, versatility, and ease of use makes these sticks a must-have for any serious VR enthusiast.

An aspect that stood out impressively during my testing was the ease and speed with which I could switch between the different modes. Whether I was transitioning from the Short Handle Mode to the Golf Handle Mode or to the Long Handle Mode, the process was seamless and comfortable. This quick-change capability is a significant advantage, especially when you’re in the middle of an intense gaming session and want to switch games without breaking the immersion.

The safety features of the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks deserve a special mention. As someone who can get quite enthusiastic during VR sessions, the adjustable anti-slip hand straps and controller halo protectors were lifesavers. They provided an extra layer of security, preventing the controllers from slipping out of my hands. On several occasions, these features have saved my Quest controllers from accidental hits and potential damage, which is a common concern in the heat of VR action. It’s reassuring to know that as you dive deep into your VR worlds, your equipment is protected, allowing you to focus purely on the enjoyment of the game.

Another crucial aspect of the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks that enhanced my gaming experience was the inclusion of two adjustable ropes designed to prevent dropping. These ropes are an ingenious addition, especially for those intense gaming moments when things can get a little wild.

The ability to resize these ropes to fit snugly around my wrists was not just a matter of convenience but also added a significant layer of security. There were instances during high-energy games where I might have accidentally let go of the sticks. Thanks to these safety ropes, the sticks remained attached to my wrists, averting any risk of them flying off and potentially causing damage or interrupting the game.

This feature is particularly beneficial for VR enthusiasts who immerse themselves deeply in the experience. Whether you’re vigorously slashing through beats in a rhythm game or swinging enthusiastically in a sports simulation, these safety ropes ensure that your immersive experience remains uninterrupted and your equipment stays safe.

With these ropes, along with the quick mode switching, ergonomic design, and robust safety features, the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks truly stand out as a thoughtfully designed product, catering to the diverse needs and safety of VR enthusiasts.

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Final Thoughts and Recommendation

After spending considerable time with the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks, my overall satisfaction is high. These sticks are not just an accessory but a significant enhancement to the VR gaming experience.

Standout Features


While I found minimal issues with the sticks, some users might prefer even lighter accessories, depending on their gaming preferences and comfort.

Value for Money

Priced at $34,99 USD, these sticks offer great value for money. Considering their quality, versatility, and the level of immersion they add to VR gaming, they are a worthwhile investment for those looking to enhance their VR experience.


I highly recommend the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks to a broad spectrum of VR players. Whether you’re a casual gamer who enjoys titles like Fruit Ninja and Walkabout Mini Golf, or a more hardcore player engaged in games like Beat Saber or Kayak VR, these sticks will elevate your gaming experience. They are particularly ideal for players who enjoy a diverse range of VR games and are looking for an accessory that can adapt to their varied gaming needs.

These game recommendations from ZyberVR showcase the vast range of experiences you can enjoy with the Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks, making them a versatile and valuable addition to your VR gaming arsenal.

In conclusion, the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks are a fantastic addition to any VR gaming setup, combining functionality, comfort, and versatility in a single, affordable package.

ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks Dual Handle Mode, Golf Handle Mode and Long Handle Mode


To sum up, the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks are a remarkable addition to the VR accessory market. Throughout the review, their standout features — the versatility across different gaming modes, ergonomic design for comfortable play, and robust safety features — consistently impressed. The ability to easily switch between modes and adapt to various VR games, from high-energy rhythm games to precision-based sports simulations, adds significant value to the VR gaming experience.

The thoughtful inclusion of safety features, like the adjustable protective ropes and anti-slip hand straps, speaks to ZyberVR’s commitment to both user enjoyment and safety. Moreover, the competitive pricing of $34,99 USD makes these sticks an accessible upgrade for a wide range of VR enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks are undoubtedly a worthwhile investment for VR enthusiasts. They enhance the gaming experience, provide exceptional versatility, and offer great value for money. Whether you’re new to VR gaming or a seasoned player, these sticks are a versatile and practical addition to your VR setup, promising to elevate your virtual experiences to new heights.

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