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May 19, 2022

What is the virtual reality (VR) headset?

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Today, we often hear about virtual reality and virtual reality glasses, known as virtual reality (VR) headsets. Before moving on to what virtual reality (VR) headsets are, let’s simply learn about virtual reality technology. Virtual reality technology is a technology that takes us from our physical world and allows us to move to a completely different virtual universe. The limits of the virtual universe we can enter with this technology can be measured by the limits of developers and our imagination. In other words, any desired and imagined environment can be created by developers.

Virtual reality (VR) headsets are head-mounted devices that allow the wearer to enter the virtual reality universe. The head-mounted device has 2 screens for each eye separately, and this is called a stereoscopic screen. Thanks to these 2 different screens, 3D image formation is provided and the person wearing the VR headset finds himself/herself in a 3D environment. However, another significant feature of these devices is that the person can view the virtual universe in 360 degrees and also move freely. For this, VR headsets have head-motion-tracking sensors consisting of systems such as gyroscopes, magnetometers, and accelerometers. In addition, since the sound is very prominent in these devices, there are usually headphones for each ear. When all these pieces of equipment are combined, virtual reality (VR) headsets emerge.

Meta Quest

We have learned what virtual reality (VR) headsets consist of and what virtual reality is, but another critical point is that many virtual reality (VR) headsets need external hardware. This hardware can be a console such as a PlayStation or a computer. Whenever the head is turned, new images are generated separately for each eye, and it possesses a 3D image in its world. This requires high image processing power, which is found in hardware with strong graphics processing power. As a device that needs separate hardware, we can give an example of the well-known Oculus Quest 2. Of course, this hardware power does not apply to every VR headset. Some devices have a chip for image processing. In addition, devices such as Google cardboard work with Android or iOS phones.

Here we need a little more detail on Google cardboard. The Google cardboard has 2 lenses, one for each eye, and a phone attachment. The image was taken from our phone using this device. Thanks to the device having separate lenses for each eye, the image is divided into two. Virtual reality can be experienced easily as these devices can be accessed at very cheap prices. The most critical point in Google cardboard is that we get all the power of the hardware from the phone.

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Google Cardboard

We learned what VR headsets consist of and what they need in our article. Other things in the virtual reality universe can enhance our experience. For example, you can use your hands in the VR universe by pressing the buttons on the handheld controllers or by gesturing while holding the controller. In this way, you can experience your VR experience at very high levels. Or you can move comfortably with devices similar to a treadmill. As a result, movement restriction is removed and you can move freely.

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