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April 26, 2022

How can you use smart glasses?

Posted on April 26, 2022 3 minutes 553 words
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Touchpad or buttons

You can give commands thanks to the touch surfaces or keys on the smart glasses. It is one of the most used methods today. You can even take photos or videos by touching the buttons on some smart glasses.

Soundcore Smart Glasses
Soundcore Smart Glasses

Gesture recognition

You can manage all your operations with the commands you give to the screen of your glasses with your fingers remotely. In this way, people cannot understand what you are doing, and you can carry out all your activities in secrecy. Moreover, by using features such as a virtual keyboard, you can perform all your operations such as correspondence without the need for any device. Some developers have even allowed you to switch between your music or pause and resume it, just by touching your nose. Gesture recognition has a wide range of uses and continues to evolve with each passing day.

Speech recognition

Undoubtedly, the easiest and most preferred method of use is speech recognition. Everything you want to do with smart glasses can be done with voice commands in seconds without having to deal with anything. However, we recommend that you do not prefer voice recognition in crowded places or if there are people you do not want to hear what you are talking about. Don’t worry, you have many command options that you can use instead.

Forestfish Sunglasses
Forestfish Sunglasses.

Neural input

Wouldn’t it be great if you could write and send a message you wanted to write without doing anything? Thanks to the neural networks in your brain, you will be able to do everything you think in seconds without moving a finger. Engineers have already started working on neural network control, which has a very bright future.

Compatible devices (e.g. smartphones or control units) for remote control

Although it is not preferred much, you can easily manage your smart glasses thanks to the commands you can give from the phone. However, these remote control operations give way to easier commands. As another option, you can control smart glasses with a device that can be worn like a ring with a joystick on it

Focals by North Smart Glasses
Focals by North Smart Glasses


Since eye-tracking is one of the most useful methods, it is one of the most preferred control methods. You can use your eyes as if clicking something with the mouse. You can use your eyes as if clicking something with the mouse. Scientists believe that certain disorders that affect the brain also affect eye movements. Because of this situation, progress in this area is slower than in other areas of use. However, there is no doubt that eye tracking will be one of the most used commanding methods in the future.

Brain–computer interface

Smart glasses, which detect the signals coming from the brain and process them accordingly, are the most assertive and useful solution method in this field. Since this method constituted a significant majority of the studies, it seems that it will open the door to many different worlds in the future and lead to a revolutionary innovation in the use of smart glasses.

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