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April 22, 2022

What are the features of smart glasses?

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Taking a picture

Imagine that you can take a picture of something that suddenly appears while walking on the road, with a single command, without the need to take out any device and use it. You can take amazing poses in seconds without even moving a finger. Moreover, without having to deal with trying to capture the camera angle, you can capture the pose you want by simply moving your head.

Recording a video

Have you ever wished that you could record the event that happened in front of your eyes? I guess we all suffer from the same problem. What if we told you that now you can instantly record everything you see and never miss a moment? Thanks to smart glasses, you can put an end to your lost memories and say hello to dozens of new memories that you can share on your social media accounts!

META – Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

Seeing notifications instantly

Are you one of those people who constantly receive notifications on their phones? Moreover, you cannot look at the notifications when you are busy, but your mind is stuck on the phone? We have a great solution for you. Thanks to smart glasses, notifications come to your eyes, so you can see and manage all your notifications instantly. You can now be notified instantly of incoming notifications by eliminating the problem of seeing notifications late with smart glasses.

Using apps

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could access the apps, and navigate and manage them with eye or simple finger movements? Now, thanks to smart glasses, you will be able to do these easily!

Using navigation and map services

Do you find it difficult to follow the navigation while driving or walking on the road? Do you still need to keep an eye on the screen, even while listening to the navigation? Now you can solve these problems forever with smart glasses. Thanks to smart glasses, while you are driving or walking, the roads you need to turn are displayed in front of your eyes and the remaining distance is indicated, so you can navigate comfortably and freely on the roads!

Xiaomi Smart Glasses
Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Watching series, movies, or videos

You will no longer need any screen to watch something. You will be able to watch everything you want with your smart glasses, wherever you want, whenever you want, without anyone seeing. You can enlarge or reduce the size of your screen to watch all the content you want.

Playing games more fun

With smart glasses, you can really get into the game by moving your arms, eyes, or head while playing games. Don’t you think it’s incredible to make games more fun and to be in games?

Having a better view

Many smart glasses aim to provide you with the best viewing conditions for your environment by adjusting the brightness level. Some smart glasses have a feature that allows you to control the brightness as you wish. You can even use your smart glasses as sunglasses. Thanks to this use of smart glasses, you can both protect yourself from the sun’s rays and benefit from many other opportunities with a single eyeglass, without the need for a second pair of glasses.

Soundcore Smart Glasses
Soundcore Smart Glasses

Talking on the phone

It is now possible to talk on the phone with simple commands, putting an end to the trouble of wearing headphones or dealing with the phone. You can easily talk on the phone while doing your job. But for now, you have to be a little careful when talking on the phone with smart glasses because the sound can be heard from outside a little. The developments in smart glasses show that such problems will be solved in the future.

Making a video call

You can easily make video calls with your smart glasses without the need for any device such as a phone, even while walking on the road or while driving. You can also show your scenery to the people you love. In short, you can easily share every moment with your loved ones! Moreover, no one can see the people you are talking to and they cannot understand that you are filming with the camera of your smart glasses.

Wireless charging

When your smart glasses are low charge or out of charge, you don’t have to carry a cable and try to find an outlet. Some brands allow you to quickly charge wirelessly by putting your smart glasses in their box. In this way, when you are not using your smart glasses, you can put them in the box and charge them.

META – Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

Reading and replying to messages

Imagine suddenly getting a message while driving, walking on the road, traveling on the subway or bus, and trying so hard to pull out your phone and answer it, or if it’s unimportant, to answer it later. Now you will be able to display your messages in front of your eyes in seconds, without even moving a finger, and you will be able to reply instantly with voice commands or thanks to the virtual keyboard

Reading and responding to emails

Imagine that you are waiting for an urgent mail. It can be tiring and sometimes not possible to constantly check your mailbox while working, meeting, chatting with your friend, or making phone calls during the day. Now, thanks to smart glasses, you can do your work without interruption because if your urgent email arrives, it will appear right in front of your eyes. Then, within seconds, you will be able to reply to your emails with the virtual keyboard that only you can see or with voice commands.

Listening music

Using headphones outside can be quite dangerous at times, as they prevent us from hearing all sounds. To prevent this, you can listen to music with your smart glasses instead of headphones. While it allows you to hear the sounds outside, it also allows you not to compromise your music enjoyment. Of course, we recommend that you do not turn the volume up too much, as the sound goes out a little, otherwise, you may disturb the people around you.

META – Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

Nowadays, we all need to constantly look at the clock as we are trying to catch up somewhere or finish a task. You no longer need to waste time and be a distraction by looking at the phone to check the time. Or you can avoid distractions by constantly looking at your watch. Thanks to your smart glasses, you can always see what time it is and the calendar!

Viewing sports data

While walking, running, or doing any sport, your data about the details of your sport or the calories you burn can be displayed at any time. It’s that easy to track your progress!

Being more fashionable

Smart glasses can contribute to your appearance as well as provide many benefits. Today, the number of people who use non-prescription glasses to look more beautiful is increasing day by day. You can also use your smart glasses as sunglasses, so you can be more stylish with the striking designs of smart glasses!

Xiaomi Smart Glasses
Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Viewing calendar and events

If you are one of those who use the calendar application a lot while planning your days, it will be much easier for you to make plans now! While chatting with a friend, you can instantly save your next meeting to your calendar by voice command. Or you can add a reminder for yourself to look at the tickets for the events on the posters you see on the road. Or you can save the last day of your discount coupons to prevent you from missing the discounts.

Preparing and managing to-do lists

If you can’t go shopping without making a list or if you always forget one of the products to add while cooking, smart glasses will save your life! You can add or remove something from your list whenever you think of it, and you can manage your list with a voice command or by clicking on your glasses without having to deal with paper or phone while shopping. In addition, you can instantly follow what you put in what order while cooking, and you can make delicious meals without skipping anything.

Making simulations

You can walk around through the simulation of your project. Or you can see the house you want to buy without going anywhere. You can see how the items you will buy will look in your home thanks to simulations. You can view or navigate through these examples and many more while sitting.

Water and dust resistance

Thanks to the water resistance of smart glasses, you can continue to use your glasses in the rain! Moreover, thanks to their resistance to dust, they allow you to use your device for many years without deterioration.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses
Xiaomi Smart Glasses

For detailed information about what smart glasses are, you can read our “What are smart glasses?” article.

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