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November 13, 2023

Augmented Reality in Education: How Stride, Inspirit, and Snap Are Transforming STEM Learning

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Augmented Reality (AR) is no longer just for gaming or social media filters. It’s taking the realm of education by storm, offering an innovative way for students to engage with STEM subjects. Recent collaborations between tech giants and online educational platforms provide a glimpse into the boundless potential of AR in revolutionizing online learning. A pioneering example is the integration of Inspirit’s STEM curriculum with Snap’s AR technology by Stride, Inc.

A Leap into the Future with Inspirit, Snap, and Stride

Stride, Inc., a forerunner in online K12 education since its inception in 2000, embarked on a visionary venture by integrating Inspirit’s STEM curriculum with Snap’s AR technology. This alliance was fueled by Inspirit’s ambitious mission: empowering educators to leverage immersive tech in classrooms and create transformative opportunities for learning.

The Roadblocks in Online Learning

Despite Stride, Inc.’s impressive offerings, from award-winning curricula to innovative tech-infused learning systems, there were challenges to surmount. The digital learning environment posed unique obstacles for educators, especially in monitoring and enhancing student engagement. The inability to detect distractions, such as covert phone usage, was a common hurdle.

However, the solution was as groundbreaking as it was effective.

AR-Powered Solutions: Reimagining STEM Education

In the summer of 2023, Stride, Inc. introduced Inspirit’s Innovative Learning Hub to their math and science curriculum. This was no ordinary addition. It was a comprehensive XR experience, entirely in line with US educational standards. Essential 8th-grade STEM concepts like volume, mass, and density were brought to life through AR simulations powered by Snap AR. The results? Astounding! An overwhelming 84.6% of students expressed renewed vigor for exploring STEM through AR.

Moreover, this integration wasn’t limited to just students. Teachers received specialized training, ensuring the AR tech was seamlessly embedded into their teaching practices.

Measurable Impact: When Numbers Speak Volumes

A meticulously designed study aimed to measure the impact of AR on various facets of learning, from engagement to self-efficacy. Quantitative data from student surveys revealed eye-opening insights:

Such results weren’t mere numbers. Teachers like Tracy Greenfield, a math instructor at Stride, Inc., echoed the sentiment, noticing heightened excitement and engagement during AR sessions. Another testament came from Laurie Haines, a science teacher, who underscored the visual appeal of AR, especially for intricate subjects like DNA visualization.

AR in Education: The Road Ahead

Snap’s official newsroom recently shed light on the promising path ahead. Teaming up with edtech firm Inspirit and guided by researchers from Stanford University, Snap aims to further bring AR into classrooms across the US. The pilot program with Stride, Inc. has already yielded impressive results, setting the stage for an even broader adoption of AR in education.

With a library boasting 25 interactive STEM modules for both middle school and high school, the future of online K12 education appears not just promising but revolutionary!

In Conclusion

The integration of AR into online learning platforms, such as Stride, Inc., heralds a new era for education. As technology continues to evolve, it becomes imperative for educational institutions to adapt, ensuring students receive a dynamic, engaging, and effective learning experience. And if the Inspirit, Snap, and Stride collaboration is anything to go by, the future of online K12 education is not just bright—it’s augmented!


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