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June 10, 2023

Apple Vision Pro: A Deep Dive into the Software Specifications

Posted on June 10, 2023 4 minutes 642 words
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Apple’s latest innovation, the Apple Vision Pro, is a groundbreaking mixed reality headset that promises to redefine our interaction with digital content. This article will focus on the software specifications of the Vision Pro, exploring the features and capabilities of its operating system, visionOS.

visionOS: Apple’s First Spatial Operating System

Built on the foundation of macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, visionOS is Apple’s first spatial operating system, designed specifically for the Vision Pro. This new OS enables powerful spatial experiences, allowing users to control Vision Pro with their eyes, hands, and voice. The interactions are designed to feel intuitive and magical, providing a seamless user experience.

Apple Vision Pro

Interaction Designed for Spatial Computing

In visionOS, apps can fill the space around you, transcending the boundaries of a traditional display. They can be moved anywhere, scaled to the perfect size, react to the lighting in your room, and even cast shadows. This spatial interaction with apps provides a new level of immersion, transforming the way users interact with digital content.

Apple Vision Pro

Environments: Expand Your Surroundings

Environments in visionOS allow users to transform the space around them, enabling apps to extend beyond the dimensions of their room. Users can choose from a selection of beautiful landscapes, or magically replace their ceiling with a clear, open sky. The Digital Crown on the Vision Pro gives users full control over how immersed they are in these environments.

Apple Vision Pro

Stay Connected with EyeSight

Vision Pro helps users remain connected to those around them. The EyeSight feature reveals users’ eyes and lets those nearby know when they’re using apps or fully immersed in an experience. When someone approaches, Vision Pro simultaneously lets the user see the person and reveals their eyes to them, maintaining a level of social connection even while immersed in the digital world.

Apple Vision Pro

Technology: Innovation You Can See, Hear, and Feel

The spatial experiences on Vision Pro are made possible through groundbreaking Apple technology. The custom micro-OLED display system features 23 million pixels, delivering stunning resolution and colors. The dual-driver audio pods positioned next to each ear deliver personalized sound while letting users hear what’s around them.

Apple Vision Pro

Responsive, Precision Eye Tracking

Vision Pro features a high-performance eye tracking system of LEDs and infrared cameras that project invisible light patterns onto each eye. This advanced system provides ultra-precise input without needing to hold any controllers, so users can accurately select elements just by looking at them.

Apple Vision Pro

Revolutionary Dual-Chip Performance

A unique dual-chip design enables the spatial experiences on Vision Pro. The powerful M2 chip simultaneously runs visionOS, executes advanced computer vision algorithms, and delivers stunning graphics, all with incredible efficiency. The brand-new R1 chip is specifically dedicated to processing input from the cameras, sensors, and microphones, streaming images to the displays within 12 milliseconds for a virtually lag-free, real-time view of the world.

M2 and R1 chips in Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro

Privacy and Security

Like every Apple product and service, Vision Pro was designed to help protect users’ privacy and keep them in control of their data. It builds on the foundation of existing Apple privacy and security features with new technologies like Optic ID, a secure authentication system that uses the uniqueness of users’ iris.

Apple Vision Pro Optic ID
Apple Vision Pro


The Apple Vision Pro, powered by visionOS, is set to revolutionize the way we interact with digital content. With its intuitive spatial interactions, immersive environments, and groundbreaking technology, the Vision Pro promises to deliver an unprecedented mixed reality experience.

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