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May 12, 2023

Explore the Magical World of Peridot: The Ultimate Guide to Niantic's New Augmented Reality (AR) Pet Game

Posted on May 12, 2023 6 minutes 1248 words
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Welcome to the enchanting world of Peridot, Niantic’s latest New Augmented Reality (AR) real-world pet game that invites you to adopt, nurture, and bond with magical creatures known as Peridots. As an official member of the Peridot Keeper Society, you’ll embark on an exciting journey filled with adventure, discovery, and endless possibilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about raising your very own Peridot, hatching new generations, and becoming a top-ranked Keeper in the Peridot world.

Chapter 1: Discover the Whimsical World of Peridots

Who are the Keepers?

Peridots are adventurous companions that are always exploring with you. When you adopt your first Peridot, you become an official member of the Peridot Keeper Society. As a global team of caretakers, our mission is to teach the world about this unique species and its history. By helping others care for and hatch Peridots, we can help this species grow to exciting new levels. Join us and become a part of exclusive events and a supportive community of Keepers from all around the world.

What are Peridots, anyway?

Peridots, also known as Dots, are adorable, one-of-a-kind creatures with a sense of adventure. Each Peridot is 100% unique, with no two Dots being alike. Their existence depends on the whimsy in the world, flourishing when there are enough human Keepers and going into hibernation when whimsy fades. It’s your mission to help the Dots flourish and multiply by adopting and hatching new generations of Peridots.

What is Peridot?

Peridot is a game that combines the joy of having a real pet without the hassle. It encourages you to explore the world around you and bond with your Dot through various activities like playing fetch, teaching them tricks, dressing them in cute outfits, discovering hidden treasures, and hatching new Peridots. With endless possibilities, there’s always something new and exciting waiting for you in the world of Peridot.


Chapter 2: Hatching, Raising, and Nurturing Your Peridot

Hatch-a-Dot: Collaborate with Others to Hatch New Generations

Hatching new Peridots is an essential part of being a Keeper. By visiting nearby habitats, encountering wandering Dots, or remotely hatching with friends’ Dots, you can diversify the Peridot species and pass down rare traits. Each new Dot inherits a combination of traits from its parents, making every hatching a delightful surprise.

Understanding Archetypes and Traits

Peridots are genetically unique, each possessing their own set of traits. Archetypes refer to the category of Dot, such as celestial or psychedelic, while traits describe the unique elements of your Dot, like the shape of its ears, fur, or tail. Every archetype has different traits with varying levels of rarity, making your Dot truly special.

Raise-a-Dot: Guide Your Peridot Into Adulthood

As your Dot matures, it will go through three stages of growth: baby, teen, and adult. Each stage brings new challenges and rewards as your Dot develops its unique personality attributes. Keep your Dot happy and healthy by feeding them, playing together, and giving them plenty of love and attention.

Foraging, Exploring, and Bonding with Your Dot

Foraging and exploring the world with your Dot is a crucial part of the Peridot experience. Draw a circle around surfaces for your Dot to explore, and they’ll dive in to search for treasures like food, toys, and special treats. Each surface type yields different discoveries, so it’s important to explore a variety of locations to keep your Dot happy and well-fed.

Bonding with your Dot is essential for their well-being and growth. Play fetch, teach them tricks, and show them affection through petting and scratching to strengthen your bond. The more you interact with your Dot, the more they’ll grow and develop unique personality attributes.

Chapter 3: Ranking Up and Maximizing Your Peridot Experience

Exploring Makes Peridot Better

Taking your Peridot on walks and exploring the world around you is a fantastic way to help them grow and flourish. Every step you take counts towards your Dot’s growth, and Peridot can make your everyday walks a little more magical. Adventure Sync keeps track of the distance traveled even when the app is closed, ensuring your Dot is always growing.

Gaining XP and Leveling Up

As a Keeper, you can level up by completing daily and weekly quests that reward you with player XP. The more you play with your Dot, the faster you’ll level up and climb the ranks of the Peridot Keeper Society.

Quests and Desires: Complete Tasks and Fulfill Your Dot’s Needs

Quests are divided into daily and weekly tasks that reward you with Keeper XP upon completion. In addition to quests, Dots have desires - simple, time-limited tasks that they want to do. Fulfilling these desires results in Dot growth and strengthens your bond.

Teaching Your Dot New Tricks

Peridots can learn a variety of tricks to show off to your friends. Teach your Dot new tricks by selecting them from the list and following the on-screen instructions. The more you practice a trick with your Dot, the better they become at performing it.

Chapter 4: The Peridot Community - Connect, Share, and Learn

Welcome to the Peridot Community

The Peridot Community, accessible at, is a dedicated online space for Peridot players to connect, learn, and share their experiences. As a member of this community, you’ll be able to make new friends, exchange friend and referral codes, learn how to play Peridot more effectively, and share your Dot’s photos and stories.


The Peridot Hub features various menus and sections to help you get the most out of your Peridot experience:

Join the Peridot Community Today

The Peridot Community is a welcoming and supportive space where players can learn from one another, share their experiences, and connect with fellow Peridot enthusiasts. By joining the Peridot Hub, you’ll gain access to valuable resources, expand your network of friends, and contribute to the global community of keepers. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your Peridot experience - visit the Peridot Community at today!


Peridot offers a magical, immersive experience for pet lovers and adventurers alike. As you explore the world, hatch new generations of unique Dots, bond with your AR pets, and connect with the vibrant Peridot Community, you’ll become an integral part of the Peridot Keeper Society. With endless possibilities and a supportive community of Keepers from around the globe, there’s no better time to dive into the enchanting world of Peridot. Adopt your Dot today and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

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